EverGrow Coin recently achieved a Market Cap of $200 Million 14 days after launch and already paid over $3 Million BUSD in Rewards collectively to all of its holders. It will not be an exaggeration to assume that EverGrow is becoming one of the biggest platforms that provide a unique combination of cryptocurrency and DeFi-solutions.

EverGrow Coin is establishing the new standard of DeFi Tokenomics with its innovative and game-changing Smart Contracts. 8% of all transactions are distributed amongst the community, but not in the token itself. The big difference is the rewards are given in Binance pegged US Dollars (BUSD). This means a stable passive income for holders, something tangible that can be spent, rather than just accumulating more coins.

The coin is also twice as rewarding as their nearest competition because on launch, half the tokens were burned, and a further 1% has been burned since. The Airdrop and Team Wallet, a further 5%, are locked and do not receive rewards. This means the rewards are distributed amongst just 44% of the total coins, meaning everyone has a far greater share.

One analyst calculated that if you held 100 billion EverGrow Coins, which you could buy today for around $35,000, if the market cap reached $500 million, and daily volume remained at around 5%, you would be earning $455 a day in passive income or $166,000 per year.

The EverGrow Ecosystem will develop several products in its Ecosystem to increase