While the crypto economy is worth more than $2.35 trillion, there’s a variety of new cryptocurrencies that have claimed top ten positions, in terms of market capitalization, in recent times. Two years ago, the top ten crypto assets by market cap looked a lot different than today, and things have also changed a great deal in the past 12 months.

The Top Ten Crypto Assets in August 2019

Since the crypto asset’s inception, bitcoin (BTC) has held the largest market valuation out of all the coins in existence and no other digital currency has ever taken the top position. We know the crypto economy is valued at more than $2.3 trillion, and out of the 10,000+ cryptocurrencies, dominance levels are changing. Top ten shifts are happening, and the top ten crypto-asset positions in terms of valuation have changed a great deal last year and the year before.

At the end of August 2019, bitcoin (BTC) held the top position but only had a market valuation of around $181 billion. Today, BTC has an overall market valuation of $929 billion or 413% more than it was in August 2019. That same summer, ethereum (ETH) was the second-largest crypto asset by market cap with just over $20 billion. Today, ETH has an