Invest in these best cryptocurrencies 

The cryptocurrency market is heading towards a green, upward trajectory and this is a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies. According to their market caps, here are the biggest cryptocurrencies to invest in.

1. Bitcoin 

Market Cap: US$616.3 billion

Launched in 2009, this cryptocurrency is the biggest player in the market that earned the trust of millions of investors. It has revolutionized the financial world with its tremendous run from 2015 to 2017. It saw a sharp spike in its price and soon tanked to half of its highest value of US$65,000. However, Bitcoin has since bounced back despite being the target of volatility. Presently, though Bitcoin is only trading at US$32,811, it is still unmatched. 

2. Ethereum 

Market Cap: US$232.02 billion 

Second, Bitcoin is Ether which runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. Over the past year, Ether has shot up over 854% with many growth drivers. Ethereum’s upcoming update, ETH 2.0 will play a critical role in transforming Defi. Ethereum was the first cryptocurrency to launch smart contracts on its network and many cryptocurrencies have now been created on Ethereum’s network. This trust and capabilities are two of the many reasons Ether is favored by many. Its current trading price is US$1,985.

3. Tether 

Market Cap: US$62.21 billion 

Unlike the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies and many others, Tether is a stable coin with its value pegged to a fiat currency like the Euro or